renkli doğum günü partisi
Birthday Parties

Unique parties managed from start to finish, according to your desires for adults, children and teenagers.

Baby Showers

Have everything you need to celebrate on your very special, the soon-to-be- Mum party day with our touch of perfection.

Açık Partisi
Private Parties

Amazing and very unique organizations according to your needs; such as  gatherings, picnic organizations, house parties, wedding parties, your life’s decision proposals and whatever you have on mind.

Image by Jared Sluyter
Anniversary Ceremonies

Be inspired by ideas for sweet rituals on your very special anniversary day. Let us make you feel like your wedding day even it was a year or  many years ago.



Sosyal toplanma
Opening Ceremonies

Have an impressive, elegant and memorable opening with our special ideas which are appropriate for your content.

Kalabalık Buluşması
Corporate Parties

Have a customized event or function to your specifications, personalized needs, assessment and budget forecast that takes all the hassle out of planning.

Image by Jens Johnsson
Employee Fun Days

Let’s motivate and strengthen your team together with an amazing day that will be organized specifically according to your team and their needs.

Image by Kevin Curtis
Networking Events

Networking events are the key elements to business success. We run a variety of networking events to provide the perfect opportunity for brand positioning, contact establishment, future mergers and personal marketing.